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Our first Facebook giveaway was successful!  We almost reached the number we were hoping for, 92 out of 100 and we decided to run it a bit early. How did we do it?  With the help of a computer, sheesh.  Stonge-age much?   This is where it gets semi-nerdy... OK, a lot nerdy. If you're logged in to facebook with appropriate credentials you can access the facebook API.  You could develop the entire thing using OAUTH for your application to log you in, but in this case, it was much easier to access the link and save the data. DATA URL: By loading up the data url in a web browser it will display the JSON data requested.  In our...

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Creating the Zebrawood Book Wedge

So, when you look at the book wedge, it looks exactly as it is, three pieces of wood cut at angles to create a triangle.  It's simple.   A triangle is half of a square, which is 360 degrees, and we know between our three sides, our triangle must equal 180 degrees (A+B+C = 180). I prefer 70+55+55, which is what the Wedge is created at.  The problem comes from our equipment.  Most stationary tools will max out around 50 degrees, which is a far cry from the 70 degree angle we need at the top.  If you're a professional woodworker, you have this solved before you start.  I am not a professional woodworker. So, I created a jig that...

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Well, what can I say, Welcome!  We’re glad you made it! So, we’re in our new home, digital home, I mean.  We haven’t physically moved, we still live on Happy.  For those who know us, we started as My Busy Board.  The name was too constricting, which, no one likes constriction.  So, we changed names, built a new site, designed some new products, and last but not least, created a new agenda.  Please read about it on the Mantra page.  We’ve given it a lot of thought! We look forward to making a great collection of products that everyone can enjoy.  

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