General Care:

After each use, please hand wash your cutting board with soap and water. Hand dry and then set the cutting board on its edge. Never put any wood cutting board in a dishwasher.

When your board starts to look dry, or dull, apply a generous coat of mineral oil. Wait a few minutes and wipe it very well to remove any excess oil. Depending on use, you may decide to do this once a month. A couple times a year, use Shop On Happy Board Butter. It's a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. The wax helps build an extra little layer of protection. Using a double boiler, warm the Butter slightly for easier application. 

Wood cutting boards have shown to be naturally resistant to bacteria. However, if you want to take extra care you may clean and disinfect your board with undiluted vinegar. 

Other tips:

To eliminate garlic, onion, or other smells, cut a lemon and rub it all over the surface. After you rinse away the lemon, you may need to reapply mineral oil.